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24% lift in sales

24% lift in sales

Multi-Channel Brand

Standing out in the crowded homeware market is tough. Simply, designing a gorgeous homeware collection  is not enough. Edit Digital stepped in to give this retro brand a much deserved lift both in website visitors, brand awareness and sales. Result - 320% increase in website visitors, 24% increase in sales.


Luxury Goods Marketing

High End Retailer

High ticket items are a considered purchase. Edit Digital traced the user journey ensuring every conversion point was exploited. Result - a 650% increase in brochure requests. Producing too many hot leads to call! - then identifying those ready to buy, by tracking a carefully crafted email campaign.

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With so many rooms to fill & expensive [when empty] facilities to use, there's no time to delay. Edit Digital increased general awareness and website visitors by 450%.  Result - a daily stream of hot venue leads and a healthy increase in direct bookings, saving third party commissions.

Who we help


We help small businesses increase sales. As long as you have a credible website and proposition we can help you. We work with small niche companies as well as larger brands. We collaborate with marketing managers, directors, business owners and brand managers doing whatever it takes to deliver sales and enquiries.


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Our digital marketing packs a punch


It all starts with a conversation. Face to face or by phone. When we understand your business objectives we can start to develop ways to meet them. 

We're a small niche agency who get BIG results. Our fees are affordable and our service is personal and timely. Not sure if we can help? Just give us a quick call 01527 758288. We help small businesses throughout the Midlands and UK.



A thoughtful, tested, proven approach


It's easy to get carried away with 'the latest' marketing tactics. But the truth is there is no single marketing tactic that can carry your whole business. Smart business owners and brands know this. At Edit Digital we take a user centric approach. We are platform and marketing tactic agnostic. We'll analyse and create a user journey map for you. Then, and only then we will begin devising your marketing masterplan!


One of the best things we have found about doing business with Clare is that we feel she has our company’s best interests in mind at all times. Clare sincerely want to make us more successful through using her expertise. The customer service from Clare is very efficient, timely and complete. She has done a great job in communicating the results of our campaigns on a monthly basis. Clare has provided excellent analysis of the results and has delivered solid and effective recommendations for changes to the campaigns that have resulted in greater returns on our investment going forward.
— Ian Norman, MD AGA Twyford

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